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Where it all began...

This section is about the business, Best Practice Personal Training.

As one of the longest serving personal training businesses in Brisbane, I am proud to say Best Practice PT is still going as a 'brand' after 18 years plus. Personally I had a great start at the Valley Pool back in 2005 and the business has had it's fair share of changes since. Covid brought about the most significant but it wasn't all bad.

Fit Over 40 is the new focus for the business in 2023. Check the site out for more info on that. In short, it is an attempt to bring about the win win situation that is always good, if it can be achieved. The win for the participants is quality coaching and training at an affordable investment level that is also physically sustainable long term. And the win from our perspective is that it is a sustainable business model that won't rely on me doing every session, which in personal training world is the fastest track to burnout. I will however be always moulding and driving Fit Over 40 to be what I have imagined it could be. But for more on the thoughts behind that, check out the page.

If you are interested in personal training with me personally, check out the info and my bio at the very bottom. As I am THE coach and trainer right now it will be important for you to get to know me and see if my philosophy on training, coaching, health and performance resonates with you. I am only available to work with 10 clients all up each week because I don't want to spread myself too thin and not provide a great level of support and service to whom I work with. To this end I am pretty picky who I choose to work with. It's an application process, reach out to see if I have availability and I look forward to getting to know you too! 

It Is More 'Coaching' Than 'Training'

My philosophy has always been built on the idea that what we do is more about teaching you to fish than throwing you one. Whilst not everyone transitions to doing the training thing on their own (we are happy to have you onboard...ongoing), the aim is to give you the routines, the attitude and the knowledge of what to do, when to do it and how to execute safely long term. Because it's not about a quick fix, it's a lifestyle that you need to keep on living if you want to enjoy the benefits. Right?


Best Practice PT was always about more than the exercise. We built a thriving community of people who found solace in the fact that they weren't alone in the journey! Friendships were forged and fun was had. Covid came along and changed things. Best Practice Personal Training is now specifically about personal coaching and accredited exercise physiology. Fit Over 40 is our new business and is the small group training arm of the empire :) We are on the comeback trail to building our community again. Enquire now about combining both personal training and small group training, the best of both worlds! Check out this gallery page for some of the cool things we have done over the years in picture form.

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The Evolution Of Our Small Group Training....

A 'Spin Class' Circa 2006

This was our first group training set up on second hand spin bikes

Computrainer 2009

We evolved to an 'at the time' state of the art indoor cycling set up. Compu 'death'. Hard work!

Allison St 2015 ish

Strength & Cardio. A nice combination when done at the right intensity

Even Did Pilates 2018

Pilates was one of our group classes in Allison st upstairs in what was going to be Fit Over 40 dedicated space then....Covid.

Covid Outdoors 2020

It wasn't so bad in the park although a bit chilly at times!

Fit Over 40 2023

The birth of something new in Abbotsford Rd, right next door to Allison St our previous studio address!?

Anthony Gillespie


I'm a looking forward to getting to know you...

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This business was started in 2005 at the Valley Pool, Fortitude Valley (We are now in Bowen Hills) in Brisbane, by Anthony Gillespie… myself – no pretend third person appraisals here. This is me talking about me!I have a background in professional tennis, both coaching (in London, France and Austria) and playing, but put it this way you probably didn’t see me on tv! I did win an Australian junior title, but never was able to kick on from that despite being offered a scholarship to Oklohoma State University and playing tournament tennis in France when I was 18.

I have completed degrees in both Sports Science, and Psychology with Honours between 1993 and 2003 at the University of New South Wales and the University of Southern Queensland respectively, for a total of 7 years of formal study. I understand that the process of learning never ends though, as research and practical experience teaches us new and improved ways to do things all the time. Before University degrees, the journey started with something known as a Fitness Leader course (modern day equivalent of Certificate 3 and 4) and work experience in cardiac rehabilitation and sports performance for surfing, all the way back in 1990.

I have experience in many aspects of life including extensive world travel, running a family business, called Gillespie’s Medical with my brother, started by my dad, which is still going strong after 50 years. I have perhaps more importantly, experienced some serious work and play time on boats. Life is an adventure meant to be lived! I owned an old 1930’s “Gentleman’s Cruiser” for 14 years, which taught me a lot of things including the idea that it probably smarter to let someone else buy the boat and you just go on it!

Best Practice Personal Training however is not about just one person and what I have done. It is about an intention to encourage good quality coaching and good quality living, in both members and team members alike. At Best Practice we have an intense desire to keep learning, deliver results and have fun doing it!

Please check out our Purpose and Core Values.

These aren’t some trendy baseless words, they actually are the reason for doing what we do, the real driving force. We also want the right people along for the journey. Who are the right people? -those who have got to the point of being REALLY ready to change and be committed to the process. If this is you, we are looking forward to meeting you and let’s get you where you want to be. Life can be short! This is a lifestyle change and there are definitely no quick fixes. It is going to take considerable effort but no success is ever a straight line. Life can be messy. The most important thing is that you are determined to make your life better knowing that some effort put in now, will reap rewards for the long term. We are more than ready to help you on your journey. Fun times ahead!