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  • Worried you may never get a regular exercise routine going and feel like time is running out? - The good news is that it is never too late. Quality research tells us even 90 year olds can improve their function with regular exercise.

  • Do you feel stress in your life on a regular basis and know that exercise would help but can't find any fitness option that seems to cater for those who just want to feel better not necessarily have '6 pack abs' and or bikini bodies!  - In fit over 40 classes you will be surrounded and supported by people in the same boat. Regular exercise when done right is the best stress reliever there is!

  • Have you tried a number times before to get your health and fitness routine going only to get injured because it was just too intense? - We will make sure the exercises you do are suited to where you are at. It is not one size fits all with our classes.

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You just have to book in a free trial in one of our classes. We will chat with you and get all the background info we need before your first session.

2. TURN UP....

Come along at the right time and have some fun. Special 50% discount on first 5 class pass if you decide to continue.


Rinse and repeat until it's your life long habit. At this point you will be enjoying all the benefits of being more mobile, fitter and stronger. You just gotta keep doing it, with or without us!



Make an appointment to chat with me if you are looking for a combination of personal training and small group fitness. It's great to do both if you need some more specific and focussed help.

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The current state of play..

Gidday, Anthony G here. Thought it would be worthwhile updating those who are interested on the current ‘state of play’ of Best Practice Personal Training and you may have heard some things about ‘Fit Over 40’. 

This is aimed at those who are still look to get help with their health and fitness. In the current social media and I guess advertising world, it can be hard to get the message out. Have you seen any Facebook posts lately? Thought so. There have been more than a few! This is why we are using a few different means to try and communicate. If you were a client at one point over the past 18 years, you may get an actual letter because sometimes old fashioned works! I know a lot of people won’t see this or it won’t be relevant. That is cool. Well at least the latter point, the former is a little frustating if I am to be honest. Much time is wasted trying to get the right message to the right people!

Anyway, it doesn’t mean I won’t try 🙂

So quick summary: Best Practice Personal Training is kind of being phased out as I move towards the promotion and formation of Fit Over 40. The former was a brand that got a little hurt in Covid. 

The bottom line is, I am focussing going forward on Small Group Fitness Training for everyday people. There will still be a few personal training time slots available with me (and perhaps some other coaches who will be part of the team going forward), but again the main part of what we do will be small group.

Why I hear you cry? These are the following (at least, what I think are compelling) reasons:”

My ‘Why’ in 2023

My dear old dad got me to read the famous Dale Carnegie book when I was younger entitled, ‘How to stop worrying and start living’. It had a pretty significant impact on me. Dad had the attitude of always having a go and keeping a positive attitude. I guess it rubbed off when it came to physical stuff. 

Fitness: The top 5 changes

When you start exercising you are wanting results! So what can you expect to see, feel and experience? Can you get a 6 pack if

Speaking of ‘catalysts’

Yesterday I posted about the ‘catalyst’ concept. One session a week may not make the hugest difference to someone who already has a strong exercise





Some educational videos on how to train safely and intelligently.....

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